Girls just wanna have fun set

The "Girls just want to have fun Set".   I call it this because sometimes we just need some color to add a little fun our day.  For the Hat I used the Yarnspirations Granny Stripe hat pattern, and added a black button to the edging. You can find the pattern here:
I wanted a coordinating Infinity scarf so I used some of the basic stitches from the hat and had fun with it. Here is what you will need to make the set:
1 skein Ice Magic Light DK 22033, Red, orange, yellow, aqua, plum, green
1 skein Stylecraft Special DK in color Graphite
2 large buttons (optional)
G and H Crochet hook
tapestry needle
Scarf body:
With Ice Magic Light, and G hook, Ch 33
Row 1: Dc in third ch from hook. *Ch1, Sk 2 ch on beginning row, 3 dc (shell) in next sp*. Repeat from * to end of row.
Row 2: Ch3, turn. Sk the 3 dc shell on previous row.  *3dc in next ch 1 sp, ch1.* Repeat from * to end of row
Rows 3-68 Repeat row 2.
Finish off and weave in ends.
With Stylecraft Graphite, and G hook,  ch 40
Row 1: Dc in each ch
Row 2:  Ch3, turn. *Dcfp around next dc. Dcbp around next dc. Repeat from * around.
Rows 3-9. Repeat Row 2. Be sure to Dcfp in the dcfp's and Dcbp around the dcbp's!
Finish off
Sew the two pieces together using a tapestry needle and graphite yarn. I sewed through the top loop of the body, and the bottom stitch of the edging.
Sc in each stitch around the edges of the body and edging, on both sides. If you would like, add a large black button on the edging of the hat and scarf.
Good Luck! If you have any questions, you can contact me at
Hot of the Crochet Hook!​​
So fall is coming. Slowly....
Here in north Florida it doesn't start getting chilly until the later part of October. On Halloween it may be sweltering, or it may be downright cold. But at least the fall feeling is in the air, and for me it's an excuse to pull out my scarves.  This year I decided to start building my winter wardrobe a little early.   Take a stab at ponchos? Yes definately!  Shawls?  You bet!   And since my son and I are in a homeschool class on Tuesdays, and it's freezing in there, well, I have an excuse to wear something fabulous.
I had this super soft Mini Mochi yarn in beautiful shades of blue that I was anxious to use, so I whipped up this Fortune's Shawlette from the Moogly Blog .  It was a little hard to get started until I watched the video, then I flew through it. Easy Peasy!  The pattern calls for a US J/6.0mm crochet hook, but for this  I used a K/6.5mm hook so that it didn't eat up my yarn. With a slight change in hook, I went from 4 skeins to less than 3.  Check out my store for a beautiful Mini Mochi colorway similar to mine, but with aqua, purple, green and blue-Gorgeous!

Boho Poncho

This awesome poncho is very easy to make.  I found it on Pinterest and loved it.  It is called HaakTrend, designed by Fieke de Rooy. However it was written in Dutch. I tried to translate it by using Google, but well, after two pages I really wasn't doing very well and decided to search Ravelry .  Sure enough a nice lady named Susan Hinton had translated the pattern.  Thank goodness!  She has given me permission to post it here. I have added additional information to the bottom of the pattern to complete the Ivory Fringe.
I made this in Cascade 220 Superwash in colors Apple Green and Ivory which you can find in my shop. I also have a beautiful Raspberry yarn which would look fabulous! I was very pleased with this yarn.  Though it is wool it is so soft, light and it is not itchy at all. There was no splitting of the yarn. It turned out to be an awesome choice and I am very pleased with the results.
Cascade 220 Superwash. 3 Skeins of Apple Green, and 2 Aran/Ivory.
Hook:  J/6.0mm
I made mine by starting with a chain of 114 and I would say it is a medium.
Ch 102 (106, 110, 114, 118). Join without twisting the chain. Work in rounds.

-Rnd 1 (dc): Ch 2. Do not count beginning ch­2 as a dc. Work 1 dc in each of next 26 chains across, ch 3, work 1 dc in each of next 57 chains, ch 3, work 1 dc in last 28. 1+26+57+28=110 dc total.
-Rnd 2 (dc mesh): Ch 2. Ch 1, skip 1 stitch, dc in next. Repeat dc mesh pattern to first ch­3 space. (Ch 1, dc, ch 3, dc, ch 1) in chain 3 space. Dc in first stitch, ch 1, skip 1 stitch, dc in next as before to next ch­3 space. Work same as before in 2nd ch­3 space. Work dc mesh as before to end. 14 meshes + 1 inc + 29 + 1 inc + 15 = 60 meshes.
-Rnd 3 (dc): Ch 2, dc in each stitch and each ch­1 space across to center point. At the points, (dc, ch 3, dc). 31 dc + 61 + 31 = 123 dc.
-Rnd 4 (loops): (Ch 5, skip 1 stitch, sl st in next) to center point. (ch 5, sl st in point) 2 times. Ch 5, sl st in next dc. Continue (ch 5, skip 1, sl st in next) to second center point. Do the same as before, go to the end of the round. Sl st in beginning sl st of round. 66 loops.
-Rnd 5 (joining ch’s): Sl st in 1st ch­5 loop. Ch 1, sc in 3rd ch of this loop. (Ch 2, sc in 3rd chain of next loop). Repeat to the point. At the point, (sc, ch 3, sc in 3rd ch). Continue as before to the end. Sl st in 1st sc. (Note: you could sc around the loop instead if you find sc in the 3rd ch too tedious.) 66 ch­2 spaces + 2 ch­3 loops.
-Rnd 6 (dc): Ch 2, dc in same st, dc in each st and each ch­2 space to point. In point, (dc, ch 3, dc). Continue to end. 138 dc.
-Rnd 7 (trc mesh): Ch 3 (does not count as a stitch). Ch 1, skip 1, trc in next.  Continue along the side to the point. At the point work (ch 1,trc, ch 3 trc, ch 1). Continue around to end. Sl st in first st. 70 meshes +2 points.
Rnd 8: as rnd 3
Rnd 9: as rnd 4
Rnd 10: as rnd 5
Rnd 11: as rnd 6
Rnd 12: as rnd 2
Rnd 13: as rnd 3
Rnd 14: as rnd 4
Rnd 15: as rnd 5
Rnd 16: as rnd 6
Rnd 17: as rnd 7
Rnd 18: as rnd 3
Rnd 19: as rnd 4
Rnd 20: as rnd 5
Rnd 21: as rnd 6
Rnd 22: as rnd 2
Rnd 23: as rnd 3
Rnd 24: as rnd 4
Rnd 25: as rnd 5
Rnd 26: as rnd 6
Rnd 27: as rnd 7
Rnd 28: as rnd 3
Rnd 29: as rnd 4
Rnd 30: as rnd 5
Rnd 31: as rnd 6

End main color, attach 2nd color. Repeat rounds 2 , 3 and 4 again. I attached fringe in every other loop to keep from using a lot of yarn, and it was full enough for my liking.
Fringe:  Cut  10 - 10" long pieces of yarn for each loop.
Free Patterns
Half Granny Shawl
I crocheted his beautiful shawl with Ice Magic Light Yarn, Color 33053. The Free pattern can be found on Ravelry:
It was so easy to make. Unfortunately my pictures don't show how beautiful and colorful the yarn is. It has purple, grany and a gorgeous deep blue.
X Stitch Summer Wrap
This beautiful shawl was made with Ice Magic Light 22030.
The shawl pattern can be found on Ravelry:
I made the flower using this pattern:
The dark wood button was the perfect little touch in the center.

Pam's Puff Stitch Hat

Here's my free Puff Stitch hat pattern made in Ice Magic Light Colors 22030 Green Shades, and 33055 Orange, Brown and white shades. You can make larger or smaller by changing your hook size.  Download here and send me a photo of your finished work!